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Swarovski Luxury Chandeliers

Swarovski is the designer's choice for cut crystal since it was founded in 1895. The family-owned business manufactures the finest loose crystals as well as creating passionately designed and superbly finished products. Crystal has always fascinated people, due to its interaction with light, but also due to the characteristic and asymmetrical form. In many cultures, myths and legends focus on crystal. Crystal seems to emanate a very special energy, which was influential in awakening the interest of artists, architects, designers and scientists. This fascination might be connected to the fact that its natural origins and its synthetic appearance seems to combine organic and inorganic aspects.

Swarovski provides a broad and luxurious lighting collection of both contemporary and traditional luminaries, and unique pieces created by leading international designers. They are famous for their ability to transcend previous works of art, and add sparkle and brilliance to each masterpiece. 

What makes Swarovski crystal stand out? Perhaps it is the decades of intense determination, thorough experimentation and the use of superlative materials. Each Swarovski crystal creates a perfect variegated spectrum whenever light passes through. This beautiful effect ensures that each crystal radiates opulence and sophistication, personalising each space. The brand pride themselves on outstanding customer service, sourcing only the best suppliers who demonstrate the same passion and drive to excel the customers' needs and expectations time and time again.

Swarovski radiates elegance and beauty in every setting, from spotlights to chandeliers, from homes and palaces to stage and screen.