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Discover the Story of Schonbek

Adolph Schonbek founded his chandelier factory in Bohemia in 1870. Driven by the spirit of innovation, he laid the foundation for a successful company that, to this day, continues to make history. Now based in Plattsburgh, New York, with a product it has perfected over time, Schonbek’s reach extends far beyond the present.
It doesn’t take a secret formula to achieve lasting quality – it just takes consistency. And since 1870 Schonbek has remained true to its principles. More than 140 years of craftsmanship by the hands of masters has made Schonbek the world’s leading manufacturer of crystal chandeliers, ensuring innovative designs, superior quality, and individual service.
Chandeliers from Schonbek radiate grace and opulence.
They are engineered to embellish places of historical importance such as the White House, Buckingham Palace and other places of exceptional character. More than mere lighting, a Schonbek chandelier will illuminate your life’s stories.
In 2007, Schonbek became a member of the Swarovski Group, bringing together two world-class brands under one roof – each with their own unique identity and heritage.

Schonbek® has specialized in the creation of custom chandeliers for the world’s most prestigious clientele since its beginning in 1870. Sought after the world over, Schonbek has a glittering global presence in buildings of grand historic importance, palaces, luxury hotels and resorts, casinos, fine restaurants, Hollywood film sets, and other prestigious settings.

Each authentic handcrafted masterpiece—designed and produced at its state-of-the-art facility in the U.S.—shines with its own special character. Every client’s vision is as unique as Schonbek’s diverse range of custom capabilities, making the brand an ideal partner for the most complex custom lighting projects.