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Schonbek Luxury Chandeliers

Schonbek has been the world's leading crystal lighting manufacturer for more than 140 years. Recognised as a premium brand with a long tradition of innovation, craftsmanship and the highest commitment to product quality, Schonbek produce standout lighting, luminaires and architectural solutions. Adolf Schonbek believed that pairing glass crystal and light to make chandeliers was the most spectacular use of this extravagant material.

Each ornate Schonbek luminaire, whether classic, contemporary or custom is an authentic, handcrafted masterpiece paying homage to rich traditions. Each product becomes an individual design statement through the judicious interplay of space, light and crystal. Schonbek lighting collections illuminate and captivate every audience.

Schonbek combines the latest trends with the latest technology, to produce the most sought after products of the highest heirloom quality time and time again. Entering any Schonbek showroom confirms that the brand understand the motion of the lighting industry more than others. They combine a deep understanding of physics with art to create ways of blending and manipulating light that cannot be found from any competition.

To date, Schonbek is responsible for nearly 200 patents and has 45,000 active product items in their catalogue at any one time. SCHONBEK's global presence in renowned hotels, resorts and casinos, as well as places of grand historical significance and private residences, is a testament to its unrivalled position in custom luxury lighting. SCHONBEK revels in challenge, and its design prowess, ingenuity and superior quality are its hallmarks.

Schonbek fixtures are nothing less than perfect, bringing luxuriant class to any space.