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Low price for luxury lighting fenestri from swarovski

“Crystals amplify the consciousness”

—Shirley Maclaine

Luxury lighting sterling from Oberoi Brothers
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CRYSTALLINE ICICLES – A curtain of ice crystals, colourfully flickering light
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Swarovski Crystalline best price in luxury lighting
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Luxury Lighting from Oberoi"To warm a person's soul is to make one's eyes light up"

Oberoi Brothers have been serving customers since 1967, and our wish is to treat you to a splendid piece of lighting luxury.  Simple and beautiful.  

MADISON– Pyramid cut clear crystal creating striking lighting effects
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Lowest price for Swarovski Madison

"Incomparable and unique: Beautiful lighting gives a captivating play of spectrum colours on the ceiling and wall."

Swarovski LightingLuxury LED Lighting
CANDELLA – Swarovski engineered LED crystals
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"Cut crystal from the world market leader Swarovski opens up new dimensions in lighting design. Swarovski crystal is exceptionally brilliant and fascinating."

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